Our Business

Technological R&D

Everbright Water focuses on the digital transformation which is driven by technological innovation.

In 2021, Everbright Water further promoted its "Intelligent Water" management system. The application of various systems, such as smart inspection system and smart dosing system, has reduced the workload of frontline staff and enhanced the management proficiency of the water projects. In addition, the company actively developed the "Intelligent Water" blueprint which covers various aspects including design and operations, and promoted the development of an information and supervisory system and the implementation of smart plants. The company has widely applied the operations management system to more than 20 waste water treatment plants. In 2021, the company provided its in-house developed technological processes to its internal and external clients, with a total contract value of over RMB100 million.

In 2021, Everbright Water was granted 28 patents (including 1 invention patent, 25 utility models, and 2 software copyrights), and published 28 technical papers.