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Operations Management

Everbright Water adheres to the principle of “safe production with compliant discharge”. As such, it maintained stable daily operations of projects and complied with relevant standards strictly.

In the first half of 2020, Everbright Water, according to the industry’s development needs, continued improving its safety and environmental management system at all levels; enhanced efforts in the further application of management platforms such as the “Intelligent Water” system; and provided trainings on various topics such as safety management and standardised operations, disaster prevention and mitigation, and safety production, with the aim of enhancing its employees’ awareness of safe operation and standardising the relevant practices. During the period, the company published China Everbright Water Limited Intelligent Water Whitepaper, which analyses and discusses the application scenarios, technical options and implementation methods relating to intelligent water in the future. Based on the company’s relevant experience in the waste water treatment sector over the past few years, this whitepaper aims to nurture the technical and management advancement among enterprises and in the industry.

Everbright Water possesses a set of qualifications relating to project operation, including the municipal waste water grade 1A and industrial waste water grate 1A under the "Qualification for Operation of Environmental Pollution Control Facilities". Separately, the Company has a comprehensive team of professional personnel with rich experience in operations management.