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Operations Management

Everbright Water adheres to the principle of "safe production with compliant discharge". As such, it maintains stable daily operations of projects and complied with relevant standards strictly.

In 2021, Everbright Water continued exploring various opportunities to boost its operations management efficiency. It proactively explored energy structure optimisation of waste water treatment plants by leveraging on its projects in operation. The company co-operated with its partners to participate in market-based electricity transactions in Jiangsu and Shandong Provinces, effectively reducing the electricity cost. Separately, the company launched the in-plant solar energy pilot programme at its Shandong Zibo Waste Water Treatment Project. The solar energy facilities were successfully connected to the power grid in August 2021, which are expected to generate electricity to satisfy 9% of the project’s power consumption. This enables the company to accumulate valuable experience to further promote such programmes in the future.

In-plant solar energy facilities at Zibo Waste Water Treatment Project