Our Business

Business Overview

As an environmental protection company focusing on water environment management, Everbright Water has developed a full-fledged business coverage, which includes raw water protection, water supply, municipal waste water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, reusable water, river-basin ecological restoration, and sludge treatment and disposal. Meanwhile, the company has formed a full industry chain on the water business, including project investment, planning and design, technological research and development, engineering and construction, operations management, and etc.

As at 31 December 2021, Everbright Water invested in and held 153 environmental protection projects, with a total investment of approximately RMB28.43 billion. In addition, it undertook 4 engineering, procurement and construction ("EPC") projects and 3 operation and management ("O&M") projects (including 1 overseas O&M project). A summary of the number of projects and water treatment/supply capacity is set out below:

Project Type(1) Number of Project(s) Water Treatment/Supply Capacity (m3/day)
Municipal waste water treatment projects(2) 120 5,639,000
Industrial waste water treatment projects(2) 15 206,000
Reusable water projects 8 250,600
River-basin Ecological Restoration Projects 6 115,000
Water supply projects 3 250,000
Raw water protection project 1 600,000
Leachate treatment project 1 600
Waste water source heat pump projects 2 N/A
Total 156 7,061,200

(1) EPC projects excluded
(2) O&M projects included