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Fourth Quarter

The project on "Key Technologies and Applications for Intelligent Monitoring and Optimal Operation of Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants", in which Everbright Water (Shenzhen) Limited under Everbright Water joined as a key participant, received the second prize of the 2020 State Scientific and Technological Progress Award

Secured Hebei Cangzhou Huanghua Waste Water Treatment Plants Public-Private-Partnership ("PPP") Project, marking the company's breakthrough in Hebei Province's water market and solidifying its business portfolio in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Signed a framework agreement for Shandong Qingdao Maidao Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion and Upgrading Project, to transform the project into an iconic "community-friendly" project that integrates high-quality water treatment facilities and a neighborhood-friendly park

Received the "ListCo Excellence Award" for the second consecutive year by organisations including the Hong Kong stock channel of ifeng.com and Hong Kong media am730

Received the "Award of Excellence in Corporate Governance" and the "Award of Excellence in ESG" under the category of newly-listed companies in the "Hong Kong Corporate Governance and ESG Excellence Awards 2021", which was jointly organised by the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies and the Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy of Hong Kong Baptist University

Given "A Special Mention for ESG" in the Non-Hang Seng Index (Small Market Capitalisation) Category of the "Best Corporate Governance and ESG Awards 2021", which was organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Secured Shandong Ji'nan International Centre for Medical Sciences Waste Water Treatment Project Phase I, boosting the company's aggregate designed daily water treatment capacity to more than 1.5 million m3 in Ji'nan and solidifying the company's local market position

Third Quarter

Issued the first tranche of SCP to institutional investors in the national inter-bank bond market of mainland China (the "Institutional Investors"), with a principal amount of RMB800 million and an interest rate of 2.4% per annum

The company's in-plant solar energy pilot program, which was implemented at Shandong Zibo Waste Water Treatment Project, was connected to the power grid and began to generate electricity, providing the relevant experience for future promotion of the pilot program

Mr. Hu Yanguo appointed as executive director and chairman of the company and Mr. Tao Junjie appointed as executive director and chief executive officer of the company, both with effect from 5 October 2021

Second Quarter

Named as a "Top Ten Influential Enterprise in China's Water Industry", as announced by E20 Environment Platform annually, for the fourth consecutive year

Jiangsu Zhenjiang Sponge City Construction PPP Project of the company was shortlisted as Top 5 and granted an Honorary Mention in the Building Back Better Infrastructure Award 2021 organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Launched various environmental protection charitable activities, such as the Science Popularisation Lecture and the Kids Craft Contest, with the theme of "Building a Beautiful World Together on the Blue Planet", in conjunction with the "World Environment Day"

First Quarter

Issued the second tranche of medium term notes to the Institutional Investors, with a principal amount of RMB1 billion and an interest rate of 3.75% per annum

Purchased majority equity Interest in Tianjin Binhai New Area Huantang Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd., exploring the mixed-ownership reform of China's state-owned enterprises and tapping into Tianjin's water market

Won the bid for St. Martin Waste Water Treatment Plant Operation and Management Project in Mauritius, laying a good foundation for the company's further expansion in overseas markets

Announced FY2020 annual results, with profit attributable to equity holders of the company increasing by 23% year on year

Launched environmental protection charitable activities that were themed with "Living in Harmony with Water and Protecting Our Home Planet" in celebration of the "World Water Day" and the "China Water Week"