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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee currently comprising all 4 independent directors of the Company, namely Mr. Lim Yu Neng, Mr. Zhai Haitao, Ms. Cheng Fong Yee and Ms. Hao Gang. The Audit Committee is primarily responsible for Oversee and appraise the quality of the audit of the Company’s internal audit function and of its External Auditors; Serve as an independent and objective party to review the financial information presented by management to shareholders, regulators and the general public; Examine the adequacy of the Company’s administrative and operating controls, as well as internal accounting controls and evaluate adherence; Assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities in respect of the Company’s accounting policies, risk management, internal controls, financial reporting practices and business policies; Monitor management’s commitment to the establishment and maintenance of a robust and effective system of risk management and internal controls addressing financial, operational, compliance and information technology risks (including any arrangements for internal audit) etc.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference